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What we do

We offer Full 3D Models with our CAD Plans

When you look around for house plans you will be hard pressed to find any 3D Model that come with their CAD plans. With the 3D Model you can choose everything before you even apply for that building permit. This is an actual rendering from the 3D Model. So as you can see you choose, not someone else. Pick the colors, roofing, siding, everything. Why would you do it any other way?

What we have

Small or Large here is an example of what you get

Pool House Plan H13521

This charming pool house has a large sunning porch outside for lounging or partying!  Inside is a large open area perfect for any number of activities along with a full bath and plenty of counter space and sink.  An oven/stove could easily be added to make catering pool side parties a breeze!

Floor Plan

H13521 Floor Plan

H13521 Floor Plan


H13521 Elevations

H13521 Elevations

What's included

Your zip file contains several files:
1. The CAD file H13521.DWG & H13521.DXF
2. The Cover image for the CAD file H13521.png
3. The H13521.SKP SketchUp Model (.skp)
4. The Copy of the license agreement LIC.PDF
5. Along with links for software to use, notes, etc.

why we do it

We’ve been there

For almost 30 years we did custom house design, remodels and we always used a 3D model for our work. We could not even imagine doing it any other way. So why would you want to do it differently. Today you can use a program called Sketchup, to work with your 3D models. Sketchup was created originally by Google. But the new owners still allow people to use their software free of charge. I will admit it is very affordable if you choose to purchased it.

easy to use

We want to bring innovation

Since we always did our custom designs in 3D models we were always looking for new ways to do our work. Today there are so many options it is amazing.  We chose to work with Sketchup for several reasons. It is affordable, easy to learn and has a host of 3rd party software. For example we also picked the rendering software which you can also use for free. But it is very powerful, all the renderings on this site were done in Sketchup and Rendered in Raylectron. We think you will agree these renderings are amazing. We do love these two packages. Both are super easy to use and work wonderfully.