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What is included in the CAD Plans?




If you have never actually seen a set of plans before you may be in for a real surprise as seen below. And this is just one single drawing. The CAD plans are all in one single drawing! They could appear like a ugly drawing to you. But they contain a vast amount of information. All of which is necessary in order to actually build your house.  Trust me they are not just a bunch of lines, symbols, and notations. Once you get use to it, you will see all the information contained in a very small space. All very easy to read and see, well once you know what you are looking at.  You will need to be able to communicate with your contractor, engineer, building department etc. All of these many professionals that you will work with. Note: None of our plans have any engineering or any structural details in them. The reason is because it does not matter where you will build the house it will require an engineer to determine all the footings which is based on soil density. Not to mention wind speed, earthquake, etc.

Floor Plan A-1


Your single CAD plan contains every sheet or page of your house plans. Yes, that one single file has all the plans. What people use to refer to as blueprints as seen above. Each one of the sheets is in its own little rectangle. It makes it really easy to move around your plans. Just by panning and zooming, you can see everything. You will see the following typically, not every plan has all the same, due to size, location etc.: 

Cover Sheet: The cover sheet has an index of all the plan sheets. Scope of work area, Design criteria, building square footages, material legend, and abbreviations.

Floor Plan: Key notes, egress details, wall framing notes. Every room has light and vent calculations, room size and ceiling heights, windows sizes, door sizes etc.

Floor Dimension Plan: May contain other notes that are required, and some more details. Plus all the dimensions of the house in 2D.

Exterior Elevations: Exterior finishes, attic ventilation calculations, exterior elevations: front, rear, finish floor to roof dimensions, wall heights, etc.

Exterior Elevations: Exterior finishes, attic ventilation calculations, exterior elevations: left, right, finish floor to roof dimensions, wall heights, etc.

Section Plan: Insulation and construction section information. 

Foundation plan: Your foundation may be a slab on grade. If so it will have an outline of the foot print with dimensions. But it may have a full or partial basement, crawlspace, or raised foundations, post and beam etc. -and all of the basics necessary for constructing it, including dimensions. 

Roof Framing Plan: Again you home could have stick framing or trusses. Depending of the plan it will have all the needed layout with it.

Electrical Plan: Electrical Legend, general notes, Title 24 lighting measures, electrical load calculations, every wall plug, light switch, smoke detector etc.

Plumbing Plan: Your may or may not contain this.

Gas Plan: This has the calculations and a natural gas line plan.

Gas ISO Plan: This is a quasi 3D plan layout of the gas lines.


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